Pre-Exam Jitters

Pre exam jitters refer to the nervousness that one has just before day of the exams or the time of the exams. This is commonly seen in most of the students and the level of the nervousness is the only changing factor CEH v10.Pre exam jitters is normal to anyone who is to give a test/exam. You just need to know how to calm yourself and overcome the jitter. Here are a few simple steps to help you get rid of all the butterflies in your tummy.Take a deep breath – While you would have heard about this from many people, it works well. A deep breath will help you calm your nervous and your mind the very instant. Try it out now and you will know what I mean.

Keep things ready – nervousness will lead to misplacing important things. See to it that your hall ticket, stationery, water bottle etc are in one place. This will help you pick up the bag and leave without having to worry about missing anything.Stop talking about the exam – You need to stop talking about the exam – how will the paper be, the important topics which you have studied and so forth. There is no gain in talking about something which is not known to you. You are creating fear in yourself and others around you.

Don’t cram – last minute study is something which many of us do – be it at the exam hall or just before leaving home for the exams. Stop doing that. Last minute cramming is not going to help you in anyway. The mind is so stressed that it will not be able to take in any information and retain it for later use. Play a sport – any kind of sport helps divert one’s attention from studies. Being physically strong, rejuvenated results in a clear mind that is all set to face the challenges thrown to it.

Sleep well – drink a glass of milk for a sound sleep the night before the exams. (Here’s a small tip – include 3 dates before drinking your glass of milk. This will help in building a good memory that you require.)Eat healthy – a healthy meal will help you stay physically active and mentally fresh throughout the exams. Include fruits and vegetables such as berries, nuts and green vegetables.

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