Long-Term Manned Space Flight to an Asteroid Needs Vibrational Therapy Machine for Astronauts

The vibrational frequency of Earth is unique and humans have evolved with this frequency, and this gravity component but when they go into space, all bets are off, the environment has totally changed. The human biosystem must then deal with it all and it plays havoc on the body. This is just one of the reasons why NASA has an astro-biological division, and why it is considered one of the most important things they do bipap machine.

Now then, I’d sure like to revisit a topic which I’ve been talking about for some 10 or more years, namely, the need for vibrational medicine or medical techniques, especially for long-term space flight in low-gravity or near zero gravity. Why am I so interested in revisiting this topic? Well, I realize that we need to find a way to mimic the vibrations we have here on Earth during long-term space flight or in human colonies in foreign environments with different gravity signatures.

Recently, this topic came back flying across my radar screen. How so you ask? Well, for starters Dr. Karl H Wenger at the Medical College of GA (School of Graduate Studies and Medicine) has recently published a paper in Bone (a medical journal) that is very fascinating in this regard. In Physics [dot] org there was a write up on this research which stated; “Twelve weeks of daily, 30-minute sessions in 18-month old male mice – which equate to 55- to 65-year-old humans – appear to forestall the expected annual loss that can result in fractures, disability, and death.”

You can read more about this at the Phys [org] website in an online article posted on October 25, 2010 entitled; “Daily Vibration May Help Aging Bones Stay Healthy” – I think we can all agree now that my theories on this topic are correct and we need to better consider these things if we want healthy, happy humans, who do not perish during or right after a long-term space flight. Remember NASA is planning a 8-10 month space flight for a manned mission to an asteroid soon. Please consider all this.

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