Is Google+ the Next Killer Tool for Network Marketing?

The other night I had an amazing experience. It actually ranked right up there with the first time I used a wireless internet connection or cordless phone Buy Google Reviews. The way people live and interact is drastically changing forever with the Hangout feature of Google+. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook & Skype on the same platform and promises to turn the entire search engine into one giant social network. Hangouts allow video conferencing between up to ten people, and the ability to watch videos on YouTube at the same time in sync.

I was fortunate to be one of a thousand people on a Google+ “hangout” session. The hangout feature of the new Google+, is simply a group video chat done right. During this hangout, there were 10 top MLM money earners live at one time on my screen. When one spoke their screen jumped up to the large screen and the rest where very small at the bottom. This was the very first Google+ hangout experience for many of us and as the evening went on, we began to realize how revolutionary this tool is and how this will change the way we build our network marketing business.

Think how network marketers can use this feature to make training calls and brainstorming sessions with their MLM team, or even introduce prospects to their MLM business by holding a HBO (home business opportunity) or a PBR (private business reception) from the comfort of their home. You don’t have to pay money to a rent a hall or a room for the meeting, you save money on gas and also the time spent on riding your car to the meeting. I believe that every dollar that you save, helps you reach profits in your MLM business sooner.

And the real beauty of this method is that it is absolutely 100% fully duplicatable in your network marketing organization. Today you do a webinar to one of your network marketing team members using Google+ Hangout, and tomorrow he can do it to his team member as well.

Once you set-up your Google+ account, you can use your address book to invite people to your network and use that as a starting point. Google has come up with the concept of circles – you can create a circle of contacts that are family, friends, network marketing associates, former co-workers and so on. You click on the Hangout button and invite members of one of your circles or groups to have a video chat via webcam by sending them a notification. This is limited to 10 people who are actually talking with each other but can be viewed by many more. Again this is opening up the possibilities of more interactive online conferences and training. Really the sky is the limit to building your network marketing or MLM business.

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