How to Rapidly Improve Your Study and Exam Taking Skills


Well, when you become stressed your mind and body go into the’ fight or flight’ mode. When that happens there are a great number of physical and chemical changes that stat to affect many parts of your body. One of those changes is the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. And one of the many things that cortisol does is to enter your brain and modify certain cognitive functions which happen to be the ones that have a great influence over the mental processes of studying and taking exams. Your mind’s ability to focus is impaired CCNA certification. Your short term memory is hampered. And your rational thinking is reduced.

\As you can see all three of these are pretty vital functions when it comes to studying and taking exams. And even if you try to follow any types of ‘how to study’ books, this information also has a hard time getting absorbed and thus utilized properly.Exams have always been used as a means of clearly and quickly categorizing individual’s knowledge and thus, according to some people’s thinking, define their abilities and possibilities for progressing to the next level, whether that is going to college or being accepted to a professional association or even being accepted for job retraining courses.

Exams have become a quick easy method of weeding out unsuitable candidates with little or no regard as to innate abilities or personality. Simply put, you have to know how to take exams and thus how to study effectively just to get to the starting post. So why is it that some people are able to breeze through exams while others seem to lose all ability to recall the information required and to end up with less than acceptable results? Probably one of the most common reasons for disappointing exam results is stress.

Stress is very often misunderstood form the point a view of what it is, where it comes from and why it seems to have such a profound effect on exam performance. In this busy world it is a quite simple task to acquire stress from a great variety of sources which in fact may have nothing to do with studying for exams or taking exams. It just happens that the exam becomes the focus of the stress at the time. So why is it that taking exams is so connected with stress?



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